Types of Entrepreneur Fears And How To Face Them

Faced with criticism and failure, the entrepreneur is ready to defend his ideals; But when it comes to facing his own fears, he seems to waver. Help yourself with these steps and keep going!

A constant in the entrepreneurial world is the feeling of loneliness. Mexico is just beginning to taste the honeys of the entrepreneurial world; this, therefore, complicates the path of those who decide to give up a lifestyle in order to pursue a dream called their own business . And, compared to countries like the United States –where there are those who bill their first million dollars at the age of 16–, we are at the beginning of this trend.

The entrepreneur must face, first of all, criticism from his closest circles ; ie family, friends, and former co-workers. The most scathing comments are a consequence of saying “goodbye” to the opportunity to open your own business; then follow those that have to do with the disposition of time. Finally , the lack of constant and secure income ends up distancing the entrepreneur from his goal .

“I do not believe that”

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of responsibility and it is very easy to panic. If you ask yourself all the time, “Will I be able to do it?”, Then don’t set yourself overly ambitious goals. Start by setting short-range goals and gradually building them up.

“I don’t have to sell”

Many entrepreneurs stop launching because they believe they need a complete product or service, but according to Lewis, you can start a business without a complete offering . Why? Simple: because you will have the opportunity to test it and adjust it until you can cover 100% the needs of your target market with the advantage of not investing more than necessary.

“I am not perfect”

Stop wasting time on details and focus on what is truly important to undertake successfully . Remember that it is more important to have a good and profitable business than a perfect business on paper but nonexistent in real life. You will improve over time.

“That’s for the greats”

Finding investors is no longer a matter for large corporations and today entrepreneurs have more possibilities to add financing . The recommendation is to approach business accelerators and incubators , because with their help you can design business plans and attractive arguments to make capital.

“I don’t know anything about business”

Here are 2 ways: either you regret all your life for not knowing how to manage the finances of a business or you seek help. Currently, there are scholarships, mentors, and literature to help you become a business expert .

Remember that ideas do not belong to whoever imagined them first, but who had the courage to execute them on time . The limits are within you. And you, how far do you want to go?